Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

GST Council GoM to meet every fortnight

GST Council GoM to meet every fortnight

While filing their tax returns in a hurried manner, numerous traders committed some mistakes, since the returns filed in July was the first in GST.

"Initial hiccups are there but no mass scale failure".

He also appealed to the taxpayers to file their GST returns at the earliest, citing the wide gap in the number of returns filed for the month of July and the ones filed for August so far.

The Group of Ministers (GoM) constituted to resolve the IT challenges faced in the implementation of GST, during its first meeting held in Bengaluru on Saturday, made a decision to give an option to tax payers to edit their GSTR 3B return.

The panel of ministers set up to review the functioning of the IT network for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has set timelines for fixing the issues affecting the GSTN (Goods & Services Tax Network).

Although only five days were left for filing of the returns for August, merely 3.05 lakh dealers had filed their 3B returns as against the 46 lakh dealers, who had filed it in July, he regretted.

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Over 22 crore invoices have been filed over last two to two and a half months. "By October 30, 70-80 per cent of problems we will be able to solve", Modi said. "So, there are a few glitches initially", said Modi, who attended nearly all tax related meetings during 2007-13.

A single portal created for the objective is collecting data of 85 lakh dealers registered under GST. This is a fraction of 85 lakh registered taxpayers.

Modi said that on Friday, a full day meeting of tax officers of state governments was held with the GST Network (GSTN), stakeholders, bankers, tax experts, big corporates and Infosys regarding the glitches faced in filing returns.

It was decided that GoM would hold meeting every 15 days and the next meeting would be held again in Bengaluru in the beginning of October. On the glitch, he said, "Any system will take time to stabilise".

Speaking at the meeting of Group of Ministers (GoM) on GSTN at Bengaluru on Saturday Mr. Rajender also raised the issues including the editing facility of GSTR-3B, developing MIS reports, rectification of offline utility issues, enabling withdrawal of composition option, enabling amendment of core fields, strengthening the helpline and deputing engineers to States. "Don't wait for the last date", said Modi.

"Owing to to huge rush of GSTR-3B return filing on the penultimate date of the month, the GSTN software witnessed glitches", he said.

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