Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
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Is climate change causing more severe weather?

Is climate change causing more severe weather?

Climate change supporters, who make up more than 90 percent of the scientific community, admit that such theories do not account for the formation of these storms. However, in many cases it was not necessarily major storms that caught our attention, for in 2012 it was Sandy that struck New Jersey and NY causing such damage and alerting people to the likelihood of landfall of a major hurricane striking a large coastal city, such as Miami. Colorado State University Professor Phil Klotzbach in 2015 stated that an average of over 12 Category 4-5 hurricanes and typhoons formed during the period 1990-2014. Pick for FEMA No. 2 withdraws nomination Harvey, Irma show the skyrocketing costs of climate change MORE has been criticized for his remarks to CNN that the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is not the time to be talking about global warming when the focus should be on helping people. The Hurricane Harvey relief was announced on August 30, 2017, in EBSA Release Number 17-1216-NAT. These storms caused a drop in temperature without signs of increase for the following week.

For instance, a future air temperature warming of 0.5 degrees in the next 10 years would be mostly masked out by any daily temperature variation, which is in the range of 10 degrees between day and night. Just as it is absurd to say that a single major snowstorm in the winter contradicts anthropogenic global warming theory, it is equally absurd to say that one hurricane in summer confirms global warming theory.

Q: What is fact/fiction in terms of climate change making storms worse?

Some research has indicated that the change in global climate could lead to a shift of the jet stream behaviors over North America.

The Department understands that plan fiduciaries, employers, labor organizations, service providers, and participants and beneficiaries may encounter issues complying with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) over the next few months as the implications of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey unfold.

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We have the misguided tendency to use hurricanes and other natural disasters as a sort of litmus test for government leadership, either producing a "pass" or "fail" result. A more important act would be for this country to take steps to lessen the impact of climate change - while there's still time to take steps.

Analysis from the National Hurricane Center confirms this. But unlike the connection between hurricane intensity and the ambient environment, the linkage between global circulation change and hurricane movement is much harder to quantify at present. "You can see the effects of climate change with your own eyes, and scientists tell us clearly the way forward".

From a scientist's perspective, the lack of understanding of climate impacts on hurricanes is disappointing, if not irritating.

Notorious, longtime climate misinformer Roy Spencer made that claim after alleging that those who link climate change with the increased frequency and severity of storms like Harvey and Irma are "missing the point". Better understanding of hurricane-climate relation is needed, as ultimately that knowledge can help serve society.

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