Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
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Multiple deaths at Hollywood Hills nursing home lead to criminal investigation

Multiple deaths at Hollywood Hills nursing home lead to criminal investigation

He said FPL works with Broward and all the counties in its territory to plan ahead of hurricane season and find out what facilities should get power first, which is a county decision.

Paulburn Bogle, a member of the housekeeping staff, said after the air conditioning failed, the staff used fans, put cold towels and ice on patients and gave them cold drinks. "One of the residents who perished (was) 99 years old - but because of air conditioning failure and human negligence in the days following a storm, this very special life was lost".

Families of nursing home residents can each their loved ones via a hotline set up by the hospital: 954-265-1074. "When we approach her she wasn't really crying but tears were kind of coming, she says 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe Jean, '" Johnson said.

One person was found dead and three others were taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning in Daytona Beach, caused by fumes from a gas generator.

"It's a sad event", Tomas Sanchez, the Hollywood Police Chief, told a news conference where he said an investigation was under way.

On Wednesday, facility administrator Jorge Caballo said the home had contacted officials and local power company Florida Power & Light, informing them of the situation.

We have heard the stories of survivors who drove through roads in flooded conditions and their vehicles left the roadway with the occupants of the auto drowning in deep ditches.

He had been using a generator to power his home after the storm knocked out electricity in the area. Police officers are conducting welfare checks at 42 other nursing home and assisted living facilities across Hollywood.

Complaint seeks to preserve video, photos from nursing home where 8 died
Still, the dangers lingered, mostly in the form of noxious gas from generators serving those who still didn't have power. Key details of the Hollywood Hills incident remain unknown, even after officials delivered an update Thursday morning.

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced Wednesday that the Florida Department of Children of Families and the Agency for Health Care Administration have also begun an investigation.

Emergency services were called to the scene on Wednesday morning after some residents awoke sick.

Widespread outages can pose dangers, especially in the 90-plus degree Florida heat.

Elsewhere, a South Florida townhouse that weathered the storm was gutted by fire when power was restored, which caused the stove to ignite items left on the cooktop. More than half the community of 15,000 residents lacked power.

The governor's office denies being contacted by the nursing home, saying "at no time" did the facility report conditions had become risky.

Florida residents are counting the cost of Irma's destruction.

At least a quarter of the homes in the Keys were destroyed, according to federal emergency management officials, and 65 per cent suffered some damage.

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