Published: Sun, September 24, 2017
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Death toll reaches 305 in central Mexico quake

Death toll reaches 305 in central Mexico quake

Meanwhile, it has become clear that the number of victims of a strong natural disaster on Tuesday with a magnitude of 7.1 in Central Mexico rose to 305, Nova TV reported.

Morelos state accounted for 73, Puebla for 45, Mexico State for 13, Guerrero for six and Oaxaca for one. She said she tried to send WhatsApp and text messages to other people from under the building, as well as make phone calls and post on Facebook, but only the messages to her husband got through. One of the problems of such warning systems, unfortunately, is that they can not tell people how strong the quake is going to be-thus, such systems run the risk of being ignored if they're triggered by every little tremor (something the Japanese are trying to fix).

The earlier major quakes killed hundreds of people and turned buildings into dust and debris in parts of Mexico.

Buildings swayed in Mexico City, where nerves are still raw from Tuesday's magnitude 7.1 temblor that has killed at least 305 across the region.

"We had to hold on", he said.

Vladimir Navarro has spent the night working at the site of a collapsed school in Mexico City where rescuers are still trying to free a trapped girl and any other survivors.

At least 115 people have been rescued from the rubble in Mexico City, Mexico's navy said.

In defiance to US, Iran unveils latest missile during parade
The Iranian leader told reporters later that he doesn't think the USA will pull out of the nuclear deal despite Mr. Trump's rhetoric, and he said any country that withdraws from the accord would isolate and embarrass itself.

Days after a deadly quake battered the small market town of Jojutla, collective shock and fear have already given way to the gritty work of cleaning up and moving forward.

The four calmed each other as the hours passed.

"I heard the alarm and ran downstairs with my family", said Sergio Cedillo, 49, who was watching rescuers' efforts to find survivors from Tuesday's quake when the alarm sounded.

"There are moments when you feel like you're breaking down", said Patricia Fernandez Romero, who was waiting Friday for word on the fate of her 27-year-old son.

That included Syntia Pereda, 43, who was reluctant to leave the bedside of her sleeping boyfriend. He said he was overwhelmed by the pain of a broken bone and anxious his life-sustaining air would run out.

"I came to help my countrymen", said Rolando Martinez Cruz, a 34-year-old volunteer from the suburbs of Mexico City.

On Wednesday morning, they were pulled out.

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