Published: Sat, September 30, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Dems Worry Russia Is STILL Meddling In Our Democracy Through Facebook

Dems Worry Russia Is STILL Meddling In Our Democracy Through Facebook

Unlike the Facebook investigation, none was registered as an advertiser, it said.

The disclosures by Twitter follow Facebook revelations that some 3,000 ads were purchased by entities with likely ties to Russian Federation and as congressional investigators are examining the spread of false news stories and propaganda on social media during the campaign.

In a blog post, Twitter revealed that it has informed the lawmakers that it has suspended 22 accounts that corresponded to the list of accounts submitted by Facebook. that were potentially linked to Russian Federation. Mark Warner slammed Twitter for a response to a congressional probe he called inadequate.

Twitter said it had banned all accounts found to break its rules, including rules on spam.

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, blasted the company's presentation, saying: "Their response was frankly inadequate on nearly every level".

Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley of IL, who holds a seat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, told the Financial Times Wednesday that he "absolutely" thinks Russian Federation will continue interfering in American elections.

The statement added that RT, which was named in January in a United States intelligence report on election interference, spent at least $274,100 in 2016 for 1,823 tweet ads or "promotions" that "definitely or potentially targeted the United States market".

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In a statement, RT mocked the notion that its almost 2,000 ads on the social network in 2016 were any different from what other media groups were doing.

Twitter said it would continue to investigate. The House committee is planning a hearing in October and the Senate committee has invited witnesses to appear on November 1.

"We are concerned about violations of our Terms of Service and USA law with respect to interference in the exercise of voting rights", the statement revealed.

Warner told reporters that the Twitter data was "basically derivative based on accounts that Facebook had identified (and) showed an enormous lack of understanding from the Twitter team of how serious this issue is, the threat it poses to democratic institutions, and again begs many more questions". "During the 2016 election, we removed Tweets that were attempting to suppress or otherwise interfere with the exercise of voting rights, including the right to have a vote counted, by circulating intentionally misleading information".

Facebook has also started probing how Russian agents could have misused its advertising platform to influence the campaign.

Get tech news in your inbox weekday mornings. It is also believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered an "influence campaign" to reduce the chances of Clinton's win. Twitter has suspended each one of those accounts.

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