Published: Thu, October 05, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

International Space Station Crew Gearing Up for Three October Spacewalks

International Space Station Crew Gearing Up for Three October Spacewalks

Two NASA astronauts will begin their first spacewalk, of the scheduled three, to fix the International Space Station (ISS) on October 5. The walk is expected to last about six hours.

Thursday's spacewalk is the first of three trips outside the station planned this month.

Expedition 53 Commander Randy "Komrade" Bresnik and ISS flight engineer Mark Vande will be replacing a motor that malfunctioned on the device used to move supplies and undock spacecraft.

The trio of spacewalks will be Bresnik's third, fourth and fifth, while Vande Hei will experience his first two spacewalks.

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Stalled latches inside the robotic arm's end effectors are "quite unusual", according to Tim Braithwaite, a space station program liaison for the Canadian Space Agency.

The two men will focus on removing and replacing the latching end of the Canadian-made arm, known as Canadarm2. "We took a really good look at all the data that we're seeing, and basically that LEE A latch mechanism is telling us that it's time".

Engineers designed major components of the robotic arm to last between 10 and 15 years, but the arm was meant to be repaired in space. While this will be the first-ever spacewalk of the latter, it will mark the third one of Bresnik.

Bresnik and Vande Hei will do the second spacewalk on October 10th to ease the new LEE on Canadarm2, and then replace a camera onto the outside of the station.

The three spacewalks have been scheduled with the objective of tinkering around the ISS. It also gives the unique capability to "walk" from one location on the station's truss to another, as per NASA.

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