Published: Sun, October 08, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Google to release the Google Home Mini for $49

Google to release the Google Home Mini for $49

For the performance, Google says it can offer sound output up to 20 times more powerful than the standard Google Home. It is also aiming squarely against the Amazon Echo Dot for only $49 Dollars. Hence, consumers will be able to use Google Home as a speaker phone and link their mobile phone number for caller ID with Google Home.

This speaker has a 40mm driver for 360-degree sound and supports Bluetooth and dual band Wi-Fi. It had this chic look that was minimalist and it came with all the might of Google and the Assistant baked in. It comes in at $49, and is available in three colors. If you favor Google's flavor of AI assistant over that of Amazon or Apple, it's a pretty easy sell. Google's answer to Amazon's Echo Dot was expected to be unveiled at Google's hardware event tomorrow - but someone over at Walmart had an itchy trigger finger and accidentally posted the product for pre-order today.

On the software side, Google revealed some pretty big upgrades for its Google Assistant. Except for its smaller, curvier design and fabric casing, all the functionalities remain similar to that of the Google Home smart speaker.

Well, Google Home is also going to be available in Japan from today.

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The Google Home Mini is created to take on the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Max is a larger speaker, which Google says is 20 times more powerful than the Google Home.

Google Home Max is priced at $399 (roughly Rs. 26,000). It'll also fit in nicely with any other Home devices you have your environment, meaning multiroom audio potential. Apparently it only takes a few seconds to adjust itself. It can even account for background noise and tweak its volume accordingly. Both speakers are due to hit stores in December.

And if the deal wasn't sweet enough yet, for your $399 (which admittedly is a very steep price in comparison to competitors) you will also receive 12 months of YouTube Red, meaning ad free streaming and background playback.

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