Published: Mon, October 09, 2017
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Group to gather at Columbus statue downtown for 'Indigenous Peoples Day'

Group to gather at Columbus statue downtown for 'Indigenous Peoples Day'

Assemblyan Charles Barron, D-Brooklyn, is set to detail on Monday legislation that would change state law to recognize the second Monday in October not as Columbus Day, but as "Indigenous People's Day". But Columbus did pave the way for the "European exploration, exploitation, and colonization of the Americas", according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson said in a statement: "The Knights of Columbus joins the vast majority of Americans in celebrating Columbus Day". It celebrates Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas.

King said he also was comfortable with the establishment of Native American Day in Tulsa. All are more deserving of a holiday than the man the United States is honoring on Monday.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents who said they were Catholic, or 65 percent, expressed a "favorable" or "very favorable" opinion of Columbus and the national holiday that honors him.

The Tulsa City Council last month rejected a proposal to drop Columbus Day and replace it with Native American Day. And Italian-Americans' status today-not foreign invaders but everyday Americans with the freedom to live as they wish, even to oppose attempts to change the holiday-highlights just how valid that belief is.

The story of the Columbus statue is not really about the explorer, but about the Italian immigrant experience in New York City. In other words, in 1493 the natives conducted a genocide on every white man in the Americas.

President Donald Trump's Columbus Day message is a little different from that of his predecessor, with the Republican opting to leave out any mention of Native Americans. "In Tulsa, we'd rather focus on Native American Day and the opportunity to celebrate the contributions of tribes to the area".

There's also a statue of Columbus scheduled to be unveiled in Southington this morning.

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Park District crews were cleaning up the spray paint Saturday morning and said they could not make out what the graffiti said, calling it "gibberish". "He also took slaves for display back home and to work in his conquered lands".

There are plenty of debates that state why Columbus is a hero and why he isn't.

Byrne said town council members recently said the Columbus protestors should return to talk again with the council about the issue.

He added, "I think the best way as an Italian-American that I can honor their sacrifice and their heritage is to try and make the world better for their children and for my children".

The federal holiday in the US this year is October 9.

The switch to Indigenous Peoples' Day, which began in Berkeley, California, in 1992, is gaining momentum across the country.

The Marist Poll surveyed 1,224 adults September 11-13, funded in partnership with the Knights of Columbus.

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