Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
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The Next Loot Box Debate Will be About Star Wars Battlefront 2

The Next Loot Box Debate Will be About Star Wars Battlefront 2

You've got until 12 p.m. ET on that day to engage in star battles, destroy enemies as your favorite Star Wars character, and more for two additional days. It seems the catch has been revealled in the beta, however, with abilities and weapons being locked behind an unbalanced loot crate system. If you buy the game and play it with the same account that played the beta, you will get loot boxes that contain.

Now the beta has pushed the titles technical specifications to 2304×1296, using checkerboard rendering. This seems fair, apart from the amount of scrap received is insidiously low in comparison to the high amount required to craft. Loot boxes are how you upgrade your character. The developers promise that the game has something for everyone. This is a cumbersome lump of a game that no longer seems sure of what it wants to be. You can also add to your downloads from this direct link.

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What's worse is that legitimate methods of crafting star cards are hard since in-game monetary rewards are standard across the board, regardless of performance.

In addition to the all-new single player campaign, the team at DICE is evolving the game's multiplayer to become the ultimate Star Wars battleground. The best thing that players can do in the meantime is to voice their opinion on the matter, particularly on the subreddit and social media pages. We suppose there's decent variety between the classes - you can opt for heavy gunners, for example, or more reserved militants with tactical perks - but it all just feels so unnecessary.

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