Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Nintendo Sold Nearly 370K Mini Super Famicoms in Four Days

Nintendo Sold Nearly 370K Mini Super Famicoms in Four Days

Nintendo has recently found tremendous success through the re-release of classic consoles in a new format.

RUSSIAN CRACKER Alexey "Cluster" Avdyukhin has delivered on his promise to make the SNES Classic Mini a better games machine and released an update of his hakchi2 crack software via Github. With the NES Classic re-release happening in Summer 2018 there is really no reason for Nintendo to add another retro system into the mix next year.

The trademark in question was discovered by the Twitter account @trademark_bot.

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As AnimeNewsNetwork reports, a trademark filing by Nintendo back on September 15 suggests that after the NES Classic we'll be getting a Game Boy Classic. So far the SNES Classic hasn't been as hard to get compared to the NES Classic in 2016.

It doesn't specify the name on the trademark, but it covers a variety of "home video game console" programs as well as "programs for smartphones", "smartphone cases", "smartphone covers", as well as "key holders", "necklaces", and "watches".

Though a Game Boy mini would undoubtedly be minute, it'd go someway to beating the Game Boy Micro, a beautifully-sleek 5cm long redesign of the Game Boy Advance, released in 2005. Given how popular the Game Boy was, it seems reasonable to think there be demand for a modern remake pre-loaded with original games. Though its games would arguably be easier to emulate than those of the Nintendo 64, it'd be hard to create a miniature Game Boy that's affordable and true to the original and include a screen.

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