Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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SLO's first Indigenous Peoples Day celebrated with sunrise ceremony

SLO's first Indigenous Peoples Day celebrated with sunrise ceremony

However, as an Italian-American, I'm pretty ashamed of this holiday.

Bowen said the legislation would encourage education and celebration of Native American culture, especially in Wisconsin, home to thousands of Native Americans.

The move to "correct" history is gaining momentum, as the conventional historical consensus is that Christopher Columbus was not a great explorer who discovered America, but rather a genocidal monster who should be despised alongside all despots and tyrants on the ash heap of history. Instead of landing in Asia, Columbus came ashore in the Bahamas, and later spotted Cuba, though he thought it might be Japan. "The first American? No, not quite/ But Columbus was fearless, and he was bright". As the proclaimed governor of the new land, Columbus oversaw the enslavement and destruction of the Taino nation and spearheaded the transatlantic slave trade. At that time, community leaders commented specifically on the date that Indigenous Peoples Day falls on, the federally recognized Columbus Day.

Students and faculty gathered to celebrate Indigenous People's Day by creating the map, setting a record for the largest sovereign tribal nation jurisdiction map. They said Columbus Day represents their culture and struggle.

Obama's proclamation acknowledges the pain and suffering Native Americans still endure as a result of Columbus' voyage.

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"This change, while symbolic, is about recognizing the contributions, history and sacrifices made by the original inhabitants of the area", said Moroni Benally, co-founder of the Utah League of Native American Voters. Puerto Rico commemorates Discovery Day on November 19, marking the day Columbus landed there. "Columbus' trip across the Atlantic was a journey akin in its time to astronauts traveling to the moon; that he undertook it, let alone survived it, is astonishing".

Castaneda-Lopez said the proposal was not meant to attack Italian-Americans, but tell a more "accurate" version of history. The headline failed to highlight historic massacres committed against people of color within our stolen borders, and like Columbus Day, erased the suffering of marginalized communities. And knowing that it's actually a terrible day, I think it's important for us to show up because it's actually showing a way of how that we can spread the truth to others, and they won't be deceived as this holiday being so special.

However, while this may have been true initially, in 2017 this argument is no longer valid. Civic Center Park, 10 6 p.m., and celebrate with us this 25th silver anniversary of Berkeley's Indigenous Peoples' Day.

According to Kushi, Dorame's appointment a little over two years ago has helped ease the challenges students from indigenous backgrounds face when applying to Yale and drawn attention to the value they bring to the campus community. Meanwhile, no representatives from the City Council of Oklahoma City, nor the mayor, were on hand to join in the celebratory march on this breezy October day, which was to be followed with speakers both young and old, and representing different tribes, until late in the afternoon.

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