Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Arby's rolling out popular venison sandwich nationwide this fall

Arby's rolling out popular venison sandwich nationwide this fall

When Arby's first launched the sandwich previous year in Nashville, Tennessee, it sold out in one day.

If the thought of a thick-cut venison steak topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce on a toasted roll excites you, you'll have to act fast - it's only on the Arby's menu for one day, October 21.

You won't need a 30.06 to put meat on the table starting October 21 when Arby's releases venison sandwiches nationwide and elk sandwiches in three western states.

The venison sandwiches were tested a year ago in five states where hunting is popular and they sold out in minutes. While initially aimed at fewer than 20 Arby's units in hunting-heavy locations, the brand is bringing the sandwich to more than 3,200 units for $7.

According to USA Today, venison sandwiches will be back on the menu in all 3,300 restaurants in the US starting Saturday, October 21. The venison is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper and then sous-vide for three hours.

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Jim Taylor, Arby's chief marketing officer, told USA Today it was the "biggest venison promotion in the world any restaurant" has ever done. Arby's next experiment is elk sandwiches, avalable later this month in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

Building on the mainstream success of the Venison Sandwich, Arby's is launching a new limited time offering on the same day in three select locations.

- The fast-food restaurant chain which slogan is "We have the meats" is adding yet another meat, again.

The sandwich is targeting "hunters and meat enthusiasts" according to the release. He said the elk sandwich, which will be served in states where elk hunting is popular, is similar to the venison sandwich but uses a blackberry port wine sauce.

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