Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
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Bay Area pro sports teams combine to donate $450000 to fire relief

Bay Area pro sports teams combine to donate $450000 to fire relief

People can go to to check local air quality conditions.

A smoke health advisory for the Bay Area was issued for the second day in a row Tuesday as multiple North Bay wildfires continue to billow tons of soot into the air. "PM2.5 is so small, about 1/30 the width of a human hair, that it can penetrate deep into the lungs". In accordance with San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District recommendations - if you can see or smell smoke, the air quality is poor and outdoor activity should be limited.

San Francisco officials said that hospitals have already started receiving patients for respiratory issues that are likely related to the smoke from the wildfires, San Francisco Chronicle reported. "It will probably hit the central valley and the East Bay tonight and tomorrow." said Thomas Hall, Sacramento Air Quality Management. Windows and doors should be kept closed to prevent indoor air from becoming dirty.

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It is imperative that Santa Clara County residents protect their health. The blazes are sending a cloud of ash and smoke over the bay, threatening residents with polluted air. Air district officials also asked that people avoid any activities like wood burning, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, driving or barbecuing that can add to the air pollution.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Air Quality (AQI) described San Francisco air as "unhealthy for sensitive groups" as shown through the orange parts of the map.

The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) will also perform wellness checks throughout San Francisco and providing transportation (upon request) to shelters.

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