Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

CS:GO De Dust 2 Map Updated to Be More "Refined"

CS:GO De Dust 2 Map Updated to Be More

In this balance, Valve replaced the classic Counter-Strike map, Dust II, with Inferno in their CS:GO active duty playlist (a set of maps used specifically for e-sports).

Dust2, one of the best-known Counter-Strike maps, has received an update in CS:GO. Valve has also adjust some of the map's geometry, removing or relocating objects that could obscure line of sight or interrupt movement.

If you know anything about Counter-Strike - heck, if you've spent time in the proximity of anybody who knows anything about Counter-Strike - you know that Dust2 is the defining map of the game.

Check out all the latest CS:GO updates. Now, natural light flows into these areas and prevents easy concealment.

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As he played, he noticed that with the boxes new position at A long, combined with the higher roof, it could allow for two players to boost over the smoke a peer through towards the corner where AWPer's are most likely to be posted on the Terrorist's entrance.

The developer's tweet included a preview of the map with many vibrant colors and map textures, including a significant blue color change to the skybox. When Dust II is returned to the competitive pool, another map will be pulled out of play so it can be fixed up. Until then, players can enjoy the current version of Dust 2.

Posting on Twitter earlier today, Valve confirmed that the iconic map has been fully reworked and will arrive for testing with the next beta update.

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