Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Man struck by foul ball at Wrigley Field to sue Cubs

Man struck by foul ball at Wrigley Field to sue Cubs

John "Jay" Loos, 60, says he permanently lost the sight in his left eye when the ball hit him at Wrigley on August 29 in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, according to his attorneys at Clifford Law Offices.

A day after an injured Schaumburg man announced he was suing the Cubs and Major League Baseball for not having enough netting at Wrigley Field, the City Council Finance Committee has backed a resolution urging both the Cubs and the White Sox to put up more safety barriers.

Installing more netting and safety precautions has been a topic every single season in Major League Baseball, because there is bound to be a handful of people that end up getting severely injured from an arrant foul ball or flying bat coming at a high rate of speed during any given game.

Loos has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball for fifty thousand dollars in damages. After being hit by what he claims was a ball going 100 miles per hour, Loos complained that more than 1,700 baseball fans are injured each season by balls entering the stands at high speed rates, according to ABC7.

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"I had no idea that you were subjected to such missiles.... said Loos, whose eye was heavily bandaged".

Loos can still see out of his right eye but says it is hard for him to adjust to light and shadows.

A spokesman for the Cubs said the team had not seen the lawsuit but declined comment.

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