Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Qualcomm fined a record $773M in Taiwan over antitrust claims

Qualcomm fined a record $773M in Taiwan over antitrust claims

San Diego-based Qualcomm was fined $773 million by regulators Wednesday in Taiwan for violations of antitrust rules over a seven-year period.

The FTC announced a day earlier that it has chose to impose a fine of NT$23.4 billion on Qualcomm, accusing the US tech giant of violating the country's Taiwan Fair Trade Act by taking advantage of its monopoly status.

"Qualcomm disagrees with the decision summarized in the TFTC's press release and intends to seek to stay any required behavioral measures and appeal the decision to the Taiwanese courts after receiving the TFTC's formal decision, which is expected in the next several weeks".

In addition to fines handed down by regulators over the past few years, Qualcomm is now embroiled in a $1 billion lawsuit with Apple Inc. that began as a licensing fee dispute. China fined Qualcomm $975 million in 2015, while South Korea levied a fine of about $865 million previous year.

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The commission said that Qualcomm's dominance in CDMA and LTE chips, as well as its major patent holdings for both technologies, let the company abuse its position and refuse to license necessary patents.

"Qualcomm holds big number of standard essential patents in CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE segments and is the dominant provider of CDMA, WCDM, and LTE baseband chips", the commission said.

The commission said Qualcomm will be able to choose to pay the fine in 60 installments over the next five years. In late December 2016, the regulator announced a $854 million fine against Qualcomm, the largest ever in the country/ In March 2017, South Korea also discovered that Qualcomm stopped Samsung from selling their chips to other handset makers.

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