Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Razer expected to launch a gaming-centric smartphone at 1 November announcement

Razer expected to launch a gaming-centric smartphone at 1 November announcement

Earlier claims undoubtedly point to a gaming mobile device by Razer, which could possibly mean an Android powered Razer gaming smartphone. After all, the company has made both laptops and PC accessories geared towards gaming - why wouldn't a phone also reflect that gaming expertise? But no one knows about technical details of device. Though were placing our bets on a smartphone since the device shown in the picture looks too small to be a tablet.

According to the teaser on the company's website, the product will be launched on November 1, with a tagline that reads "Watch for our biggest unveiling". So, we are not really sure what to expect from the upcoming device. Razer's CEO, Tan Min-Liang, said that the project has been in development for years, and he is excited to reveal all to the world soon.

The only thing we can guess is the phone will pack a huge battery supporting long gaming sessions.

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Shortly after acquiring Nextbit, the company behind the Robin cloud-based smartphone, Razer suggested it plans to release its own smartphone aimed at " hardcore gamers".

It also posted a similar tweet, with a link re-directing users to the company's website.

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