Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Watch out, Equifax may have been hacked again by adware

Watch out, Equifax may have been hacked again by adware

Already in the midst of the worst year ever for a credit-reporting agency, Equifax said Thursday that it was the victim of another cyberattack, this time involving a fake Flash downloader that greeted some people on its website.

Reuters reports the company has taken down one of its customer help web pages in order for the security team to investigate reports of this new hack.

The possibility of another malicious hack at Equifax comes just a week after the company's former chief executive, Richard Smith, was grilled by angry lawmakers over a massive data breach that may have compromised the sensitive information of as many as 145 million people.

"We are aware of the situation identified on the website in the credit report assistance link", said Equifax spokesman Wyatt Jefferies. "When it becomes available or we have more information to share, we will".

Equifax said that, out of an abundance of caution, the Atlanta company has taken the affected page offline, and it's looking into the matter.

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Once clicked, the phony Flash reportedly downloads adware onto the user's computer that fills their internet browser with ads.

The breach was first noticed by Randy Abrams, an independent security analyst that had been visiting the site to flag fraudulent activity on his credit report.

The Equifax may have been hacked again, now to serve up adware.

The company has come under massive pressure since revealing on September 7 that hackers breached its systems in May to gain access to Social Security numbers, birth dates, and other personal information on millions of Americans.

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