Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Watch SpaceX launch a re-flown Falcon 9 rocket live right here

Watch SpaceX launch a re-flown Falcon 9 rocket live right here

SpaceX is using a pre-flown ('flight-tested') first stage as part of its Falcon 9 rocket, and SES's CTO Martin Halliwell - on site at the Kennedy Space Centre - told local press that the rocket was "ready to fly".

The two-hour launch window opens at 6:53 p.m. and U.S. Air Force Weather Officials are giving a 90 percent chance of good launch conditions.

Beginning with SES-10's launch in March 2017 and BulgariaSat-1 in June 2017, SES-11 will be the third commercial reuse of a Falcon 9 in a bit less than seven months.

If the Falcon 9 launches at the beginning of the window, it should be a handsome display on the Space Coast. It pushed a Dragon capsule laden with supplies up to the ISS and then landed along Florida's coast.

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The Falcon 9 will carry a high-powered communications satellite, which will work double-duty for the US -based operator EchoStar and Luxembourg-based SES.

Catch the launch and landing live at livestream below. On the off chance that effective, it'll be the third time that SpaceX has reused a Falcon 9 - and if the vehicle lands post-launch, it'll additionally be the third to do as such. SpaceX has carried out 14 flights this year so far, and if Wednesday's mission is successful, it would allow the company to achieve its goal of 20 flights by the end of the year. A few minutes after liftoff, SpaceX managed to nail the landing of the Falcon 9 rocket's first stage on the droneship named "Just Read the Instructions" in the Pacific Ocean.

Watch the launch live on NASA T.V. or on SpaceX's website.

A previously flown rocket is set to deliver a hybrid communications satellite, EchoStar 105/SES-11, for Luxemburg company, SES.

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