Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

Doctor Seen Berating Patient Before Booting Her From Clinic

Doctor Seen Berating Patient Before Booting Her From Clinic

Jessica Stipe uploaded the footage to her Facebook page hours after the spat, which she said occurred when she complained about not being seen and requested her copay back.

The doctor, identified as Dr. Peter Gallogly of Gainesville After Hours Clinic, curses at Stipe in the middle of the waiting room in the clip, which was recorded by Stipe's daughter. "Go to the ER and wait for nine hours", the doctor said in the video.

"Get the f-- out of my office", he screams, as Stipe's daughter tells the doctor to get away from her mom.

At the end of the minute-long clip, Stipe's daughter - who is a minor, according to Stipe - remarks that she's been recording the whole thing. "By 7:45 was not seen still in severe pain and throwing up in the trash can All they had me do was pee in a cup to see if I'm pregnant....ummm I know I'm not...", she wrote on her page.

"Are you kidding me?"

Gallogy says the video doesn't show the events that led up to the confrontation.

"Then, fine, get the hell out", the doctor replies, pointing toward the door.

"The Dr was mad I wanted my co pay back and was unhappy with having to wait so long and proceeded to cuss me out".

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When Stipe told the doctor that she just wanted to return to her home and wanted her co-pay back, the doctor told her to leave instantly.

Witness testimonies described stipe as "irate" and said that she threatened staff, telling them they "have what's coming to them".

Stipe's video of the entire incident has been viewed more than 373,000 times on Facebook since Monday, as of Thursday afternoon.

He added: "I went to the front desk only because after Ms. Stipe received her refund, she refused to leave the office, and continued her abusive behavior towards staff".

In her Facebook post, Stipe said she talked with Gainesville police yet that they couldn't squeeze charges in light of the fact that there were no wounds.

"To those of you who support me you have my heartfelt thanks", she wrote.

Gallogly apologized in his statement, saying he was defending his staff when he over-reacted, and that there was no excuse for his behavior. "To those of you who support me you have my heartfelt those who know me. you know this was uncalled for & for those of you who don't and are being rude and hateful to me and my child. god bless your hearts".

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