Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Taylor Twellman Is Really Angry USA Missed The 2018 World Cup

Taylor Twellman Is Really Angry USA Missed The 2018 World Cup

Go ahead, Alexi Lalas, keep ranting.

Taylor Twellman was back at it again Wednesday morning. Even pro teams in the US are training young players.

U.S. Soccer can solve some problems in American soccer, but not all and not all at once.

The recent rise of American teens into professional soccer is unprecedented, and although we don't know how many will turn into top level players who prevent another World Cup qualifying debacle, it's an encouraging trend: MLS signing teens and foreign clubs courting American youngsters like never before. The United States, population 324 million, will not. "What are we doing?" "We should have walked off this field with at least a point".

"It's a cycle where the players were saying that it was the most talented team that they'd ever seen in US history". So if you follow the men's team but think watching women's soccer won't be satisfying enough, you've just run out of excuses. Calls for a complete overhaul of the USA game.

After qualifying for seven consecutive World Cups, perhaps only a loss of this magnitude - a 2-1 defeat at Trinidad and Tobago that eliminated the United States - could spark the widespread calls for immediate and major change in the American soccer community that are so much more quickly triggered in other countries.

Gulati and Arena's comments are unlikely to satisfy their critics however, many of whom feel that former manager Klinsmann was treated harshly when he was sacked after two losses previous year. I'm not someone who's advocating for a clean sweep, because I think there are many good parts of U.S. Soccer. Time for a revolution.

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"Ninety-nine percent of Concacaf wish we had the type of infrastructure, support and resources that the USA have", he said, referring to the other national teams in the United States' qualifying group. No red, white, and blue face paint.

Of course, there must be reevaluation, critique and accountability when the U.S. fails to reach a World Cup. What needs to change? They won just two games in the last three World Cups - a 1-0 victory over Algeria in 2010 and a 2-1 victory over Ghana in 2014. Fans thought they'd squeak through the World Cup qualifiers, make it to Russian Federation, and turn in a decent, if not sometimes dazzling, performance.

It's easy to blame coaching, but not fair in this case.

Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama are the three teams from the Concacaf region that have qualified directly for the World Cup while Honduras finished off in fourth place on the standings and will play in a two legged playoff against Australia for a place in the World Cup next year. U.S. Soccer could surely benefit from widening its talent pool to include more blacks and Hispanics, but Lionel Messi is 5-7 and Christian Pulisic weighs 139 pounds.

Everyone also seems to agree that the best athletes in America are not playing soccer, but how do you attract them to the sport?

Truth is, there's no quick fix.

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