Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Trump is right to link national debt to assets

Trump is right to link national debt to assets

Trump, who has excoriated NFL players for disrespecting the flag during the national anthem, openly questioned why a the bugle sound of "Retreat" was playing in the background, according to the military publication Task and objective.

Last month, the president called the accusations that his team had colluded with Moscow "one of the great hoaxes" the Democrats came up with after they did "a rotten job of running".

Trump placed the blame for what he described as rampant murders and shootings squarely on Democratic politicians. "This is their rule". He went on, "As you know, the last eight years, [the federal government] borrowed more than it did in the whole history of our country".

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse cleaned Sean Hannity's clock on Thursday, telling the Trump puppet and Fox News host that "some of us still believe in the Constitution".

The White House said changing the way foreign earnings are taxed - along with a one-time incentive to bring back some of the estimated $2.5 trillion USA companies have parked overseas - would result in $4,000 more for American workers over an eight-year period.

Pro-Sports Teams Drop Trump Hotels
Some teams have cited logistical reasons, such as bus access, whereas others told The Post that it's Trump's politics that have them staying at new hotels.

"So you could say, in one sense, we're really increasing values", he continued. "But we're very honored by it". "And we're very, very happy".

Economic policy: he tried to connect the surge in the stock market since his election to the growing federal debt, which recently passed $20 trillion.

Trump is right that the stock market has added trillions in value since his election.

Trump also told Hannity that his administration's tax-cut plan would amount to a massive reduction in taxes for the middle class, but so far there is not evidence that this would be the case.

But experts doubted such a windfall would flow to workers and said the GOP's planned changes to individual income tax rates would largely benefit the wealthiest Americans. The interview is expected to span newsworthy topics including tax reform and Trump's immigration plan. The paper pointed out there are so many rich people who reside many other states, such as Florida.

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