Published: Sat, October 14, 2017
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Humble Bundle Bought by IGN, Terms of the Purchase Undisclosed

Humble Bundle Bought by IGN, Terms of the Purchase Undisclosed

Over $100 million has been raised for charity since the company started up, and a similar amount for the developers involved - an optional small percentage could be designated as a "Humble tip" to cover operations. "Our readers and customers have always come first - and that won't change".

"We chose IGN because they really understand our vision, share our passion for games, and believe in our mission to promote awesome digital content while helping charity", Humble Bundle co-founder Jeffrey Rosen said in the announcement.

Online media giant IGN has acquired Humble Bundle, the indie games storefront best known for its pay-what-you-want bundles that raise money for charity. "The Humble Bundle our audience knows and love will continue to operate independently from IGN, with our current wonderful team", co-founder John Graham said in an email.

An official announcement post from Humble Bundle sheds light on the deal. As it stands, IGN and Humble are maintaining their independence from one another other than support from IGN to help with Humble's growth.

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It doesn't appear that IGN will be changing anything about the service going forward, as IGN executive VP Mitch Galbraith stated: "If it's not broken, don't try to fix it". Galbraith said that IGN had been scoping out the acquisition of Humble for around a year and that the current idea is to funnel them the resources they need to continue to grow their company. "We don't want to disrupt anything we're doing right already", added Graham.

The details of the IGN purchase of Humble Bundle haven't been revealed yet.

This could obviously raise huge conflict of interest issues.

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