Published: Sun, October 15, 2017
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U.S. not to forget Pakistan's help in rescue operation

U.S. not to forget Pakistan's help in rescue operation

Donald Trump said that USA "is beginning to develop better relationship with Pakistan and its leadership".

In a tweet Friday, The President thanked Pakistan for their cooperation on many fronts.

Less than two months after he warned Pakistan for its failure to rein in terrorist groups, U.S. President Donald Trump said his strategy has begun to work and Islamabad has started cooperating with the U.S. on the issue.

The President thanked Pakistani leaders for cooperating with the U.S. on many fronts.

Boyle also revealed that one of their children - called Jonah, Noah and Grace - was in poor health and had to be force-fed by the Pakistani military after their liberation in an operation that was carried out on the back of a tipoff by United States intelligence.

Both the countries have mutually agreed to continue bilateral engagements at all levels and strengthen their relationship to defeat terrorism. South Block sources, however, remain unfazed by the US President's comments, saying this is the outcome of a familiar pattern, with Pakistan trying to demonstrate "good behaviour" and US being made to believe that Islamabad is serious in its fight against terror. "Time and again, Pakistan has done it and taken some small steps to deflect pressure", the source, who has sat in multiple meetings with current and past USA administration officials, said.

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"They are starting to respect the United States of America again", he said and thanked the leaders of Pakistan for "what they've been doing".

The couple was kidnapped in 2012 while hiking in Afghanistan, and had four children while in captivity.

The general went on to vow that if the "trust-based" relationship was carried forward and "you [U.S.] work with us, cooperate with us, trust us, we will take all actions which are in the interest of Pakistan" and in the interest of regional peace and counterterrorism efforts.

In a statement at the Toronto airport, Boyle said members of the Haqqani network had killed one of the family's children, an infant girl, and had raped his wife during the time they were held hostage.

Ghafoor also released a video message that Boyle recorded just before the family flew out of Pakistan, in which the Canadian man praised the rescue operation as "incredibly professional".

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