Published: Tue, October 17, 2017
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

Melissa Etheridge Busted For Marijuana Possession At US-Canada Border!

Melissa Etheridge Busted For Marijuana Possession At US-Canada Border!

TMZ reported that Etheridge told police she uses the drug to manage pain from cancer.

Melissa Etheridge didn't pass the K-9 sniffing test. Todd Rundgren did, but they both got arrested for drugs on the U.S. The substance is legal in her home state of California but should not have been in the vehicle as it is not yet federally legal.

The singer told interviewers that marijuana is the "best marital aid", saying her and her wife use it nearly every night.

However, that didn't cut it with authorities who booked her for possession.

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Us Weekly has reached out to Etheridge's rep and CBP for comment. "It brings you much closer". Etheridge did not seem bothered by the incident, as she shows off a big grin in her mug shot.

Since her quotes made the rounds online, Etheridge said she's received flak for her parenting style and would hope the attention would be directed to a more important issue. Silencing critics, the singer said she would much rather smoke with her kids than drink alcohol with them. "Sometimes I find that I can say something, thinking that the whole world will understand, and they kind of go in another direction".

The rock star opened up to Yahoo! in April about her relationship with marijuana, which she's used occasionally and recreationally since age 21, but more for medicinal purposes after treatment for breast cancer in 2004. "I think if I get a little more specific, it can help guide the conversation in general about cannabis".

Since then, Etheridge has continued to speak openly about her essential relationship with cannabis and the importance of changing societal perspectives about the plant. I live a very blessed life.

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