Published: Fri, October 20, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

California restaurant admits serving Popeye's chicken

California restaurant admits serving Popeye's chicken

A California restaurant is defending its practices after customers reacted angrily to finding out the eatery re-serves Popeyes chicken in two dishes.

A Long Beach, California restaurant is getting a lot of free advertising because people are buzzing about Popeye's chicken being sold in the chicken and waffle dish at Sweet Dixie Kitchen.

Friends were dining at Sweet Dixie Kitchen and saw workers carrying boxes of #Popeye's chicken to the kitchen. "After checking he admitted that they do in fact use Popeyes". "The manager compensated us for the entire meal". "If you are going to sell another restaurants product, inform your guest and don't try to market it as your own".

Sanchez said that her restaurant "proudly serves" Popeye's spicy tenders. "And we will be glad to let you know which is which- just like we always have".

"We promote usually small batch local producers in our menu", she wrote. I thought the chicken tasted suspiciously like Popeyes and was also rather stale. "So I serve it".

"... We don't mill our own flour as we don't own a mill or wheat farm and our coconut cake is made by our prep cook who makes cakes for private clients".

The self-appointed food critic posted a detailed review on Yelp criticizing the action of the #restaurant owner.

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Sweet Dixie's solution to this problem was a simple one - bring in the fried chicken from the popular chain Popeye's to make your famous fried chicken sandwich. And later stated in a Facebook post that, "We have never claimed we make each and every item". "Most of my stuff from here is made from scratch", she said.

Sanchez has reached out to Popeyes with the hope of including them on the menu.

Sweet Dixie Kitchen's Kimberly Sanchez told ABC 7 that she's been serving breakfast and lunch at her place for four years. We're an old building.

Sweet Dixie Kitchen's Yelp page is now under an "active cleanup alert", Yelp's process for handling businesses that are "in the news" by removing reviews from people who don't seem to have actually eaten there. We can't fry at this location and it the fried chicken I love so much and I ate a ton of it in the ATL.

Sanchez said the criticism has been hard to handle.

"We didn't do anything wrong", said Sanchez.

"We PROUDLY SERVE Popeyes spicy tenders - the best fried chicken anywhere and from New Orleans - which are delivered twice a day", she wrote back to Tyler. Integrity- despite this wave of "Popeyegate", is what my food is about - no matter what you want to say.

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