Published: Fri, October 20, 2017
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McLaren confirms two new Ultimate Series models

McLaren confirms two new Ultimate Series models

McLaren will debut its most extreme, track-focused road vehicle yet in the first quarter of 2018. Internally called as P15, the new model will be introduced under the British supercar maker's Track22 business plan.

Joining the new auto in the Ultimate Series at a later date will be a "hyper-GT" model, now codenamed BP23.

The 720S belongs to McLaren's core Super Series.

The P1 channelled all of McLaren's Formula 1 know-how into a track vehicle that was 100% street legal and capable of hitting 217mph (350km/h) and of generating 600kg of downforce.

The hypercar will be road-legal, but creature comforts have been done away with in a bid to "give the most intensive driver experience around a circuit".

As for the design itself, the carmaker says the hypercar looks "brutal" and is the "purest expression yet of the company's "form follows function" philosophy".

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McLaren hasn't divulged any further details about the powertrain, power output or the performance figures.

McLaren has released a teaser image of its new model showing a cluster of three exhaust tips mounted above a McLaren logo and a rear intake grille of some sort.

So what's with the newly-announced model? Similar to the P1, the upcoming Ultimate Series models will be produced in very limited numbers, and if you want one, tough luck - all examples have already been accounted for.

We suspect the mysterious 675LT test mule spotted at the Nurburgring a few days back was the early prototype of the new model.

With McLaren planning to turn it into their ultimate road-going track auto, it is likely that engine output of the twin turbo V8 will also be increased, possibly exceeding that of the P1. It will employ the McLaren's Monocage II carbonfibre tub to keep the weight down. The aerodynamics on the vehicle will likely be extreme in order to put the power down and keep the auto planted on track.

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