Published: Thu, November 02, 2017
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

Flu kills 2 people in NC, marking first deaths of the season

Flu kills 2 people in NC, marking first deaths of the season

The Hawaii State Department of Health's annual Stop Flu at School program started Wednesday and will continue in more than 167 public schools statewide through December 21.

The season officially begins October 1 and lasts through March 31, although some seasons begin early and can linger into late April to mid-May.

"There are people who should not be exposed to the live virus ... the elderly, the very young, pregnant women are not allowed to get the live virus".

"We actually can minimize the spread of disease", Balajadia said. "Getting an annual flu shot is the most important step in protecting against the flu", said O'Connor.

There is a common myth from some people that they may get the flu after being vaccinated, but Teasdale said that's all it is, a myth.

Body aches, fatigue, and fever are all symptoms of the flu, but there is a way people can fight back. "It is a preventative measure to those with chronic conditions that may worsen if they got the flu".

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Respondents from hospitals reported the highest frequency of working with flu-like symptoms (49.3 percent), followed by those at long-term care facilities (28.5 percent).

"As someone gets older their immune system changes", she says. Both are viruses. Viruses show no prejudices on who they infect. "Steve Jobs was one of the wealthiest men in the world but all of his money could not stop him from getting sick".

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge flu vaccinations for everyone 6 and older.

"The influenza virus mutates and, therefore, becomes resistant to vaccines, so new ones need to be manufactured to match the specific virus of that season", she said.

A team of scientists from the University of Georgia and Sano Pasteur have made a vaccine that protects an entire family of influenza strains, the H3N2, which was the dominant kind in Australia's latest flu season that ended last month.

For some, the flu also can be fatal.

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