Published: Sat, November 04, 2017
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

KFC bath bomb released in Japan

KFC bath bomb released in Japan

Yes, this indeed a bath bomb that will make your tub smell like fried chicken, complete with KFC's blend of 11 herbs and spices (that herb and spice combo is why KFC only follows 11 very special people on Twitter, FYI). Aside from the aforementioned edible nail polish released a year ago, KFC has also rolled out a chicken scented sunscreen that sold out within a day, as well as a freakish (but also kind of fashionable?) line of clothing that the brand still sells on its official website.

If you want to seduce people by being finger lickin' good and you live in the United States, you had better get invested in the KFC black market right quick, because this is a Japanese promotion.

"Be thankful you exist at the same time as kfc bath bombs", one person wrote. You can see what it'll look like in the tweet from the brand below.

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Village Vanguard also created the "soup baths" - essentially, powders that turn your bath into a giant bowl of soup. If you are hopelessly in love with KFC bath bombs, you're out of luck - you can't actually buy them.

Japan is no stranger when it comes to creating unusual products, and their new bath bombs that are shaped like a chicken drumstick are no exception.

The unconventional beauty product joins the ranks of coveted, mostly sold-out KFC merchandise, such as finger lickin' good edible nail polish, extra crispy sunscreen, and whimsical apparel from their merchandise line, KFC Limited.

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