Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
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Julia Hartley-Brewer lashes out at Topshop's gender-neutral changing rooms

Julia Hartley-Brewer lashes out at Topshop's gender-neutral changing rooms

Topshop made all of its changing rooms gender-neutral this summer, but will not confirm if they are going to upgrade their curtained changing cubicles with lockable, doored cubicles.

However not everyone was impressed with the move, with one person tweeting: "Can't believe @Topshop have changed their changing room policy".

This official announcement comes after a trans customer claimed they were refused access to the female changing rooms in a Manchester Topshop branch.

A policy without implementation is just words, but at least words posted in the store can be pointed at when a bigoted employee tries to gender police.

Travis had queued up at Topshop's changing rooms and was told to go to Topman to try the dresses on.

"In this new world we have, the LGBTI world, maybe what we need is a lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, separate clothing places to get dressed and we could have seven different change rooms", 2GB's Chris Smith told Sunrise on Friday.

Travis added: "I normally online shop for this reason".

Travis recalled the incident in more detail to Buzzfeed recalling: "She [staff member] wasn't rude, but she wasn't sympathetic either".

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"Both the Topshop and Topman fitting rooms are available for all customers to use", the spokesperson said.

This isn't the first time a high street store has been called out for discriminating against people who are transgender or gender non-binary.

Another said: "Public swimming baths have gender-neutral changing rooms already, so I don't see what difference it makes".

'Who made you in charge of deciding who is woman enough to use your changing room?

Other people have come forward on Twitter to say they have experienced similar things in other Topshop stores.

Travis has since suggested that the fashion retailer should go beyond their policy and "train the staff about what it means to serve every kind of customer, how to advocate for us and respond against people who are phobic".

Some have also shared similar experiences to Alabanza.

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