Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Blue House: South Korea to hold summit with China on Saturday

Blue House: South Korea to hold summit with China on Saturday

During Saturday's summit, Moon and Xi also agreed to quickly normalise bilateral exchanges in all sectors, Yoon added, repeating what was said in the agreement announced last month when the two countries agreed to end a year-long standoff over the deployment of a US anti-missile system.

Moon also asked Duterte to ensure the safety of Korean tourists and residents in the Philippines.

Japan, China and South Korea are now in talks with ASEAN on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, another pan-Asian trade deal.

In an effort to fight rising protectionism, leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, China, Japan and South Korea are seeking greater cooperation at the 20th ASEAN+3 summit in Manila on Tuesday.

The presidential office said that during the summit, Moon expressed hope to upgrade the country's relations with the Philippines, explaining Seoul's plan to improve ties with Southeast Asian nations. A senior official at the Blue House held an informal briefing late in the evening to address these questions.

The two countries agreed to normalize their ties in a joint statement issued by their foreign ministries on October 31. According to this explanation, the only reason Xi brought up the THAAD issue again was to put weight on bringing the issue to a close and normalizing South Korea-China relations.

The agreement was disclosed as Moon and Chinese President Xi Jinping met Saturday on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Danang, Vietnam. Some Korean analysts are speculating that the decision to show Xi smiling more widely when photographed with Putin is indicative of the state of relations between the two sides.

Rosogolla originated in West Bengal not Odisha stamps Geographical Indication
The Odisha government responded by ordering the formation of three committees to settle the dispute over rosogulla's origins. It was a day of celebration at "Rosogolla Bhawan", the family home of Nabin Chandra Das, the inventor of Rosogolla.

The issue of North Korea's abduction of foreign nationals, including Japanese, was also expected to be included in the statement.

"Even if North Korea does not take part, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo and the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing following the PyeongChang Olympics next year".

President Moon Jae-in and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang reaffirmed their efforts Monday to quickly normalize the countries' ties soured by the deployment of a USA missile defense system in South Korea, while the Chinese premier noted a "bright" future for their bilateral relations.

"China has not said it has changed its stance to agree to THAAD and still says THAAD infringes on its security".

China is South Korea's largest trading partner, buying about a quarter of the country's exports. "China will be watching to see how the 'three no's" are actually implemented". "Just as South Korea stands firm on the comfort women issue and continues to deal with it separately even while seeking to fix relations with Japan, this only means China is using a two-track strategy on THAAD".

The sabre-rattling has complicated China's relations with South Korea. But Japan, whose relations with both neighbors have often been fraught, appeared to make little progress toward its hopes of hosting a trilateral summit by the end of the year.

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