Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

GameStop Temporarily Suspends Unlimited Used Games Power Pass Program

GameStop Temporarily Suspends Unlimited Used Games Power Pass Program

(Those titles would be limited to ones offered at the store's physical locations, rather than through the chain's online inventory.) PowerPass's $60 price-tag would cover six months of playing and swapping, after which customers could select one preowned game to keep permanently. The spokesperson specified that the roll out was being paused due to "program limitations".

Technically, the PowerPass program had already kicked off by the time GameStop made the decision to temporarily shut it down. It was a decent way to incentivize going to GameStop rather than just downloading all of your games. Speaking to Kotaku, GameStop employees claimed they were instructed to remove in-store signs and materials advertising the service.

With PowerPass, subscribers would be able to rent an unlimited number of used games from the retailer, essentially making it an alternative to the local library and things like GameFly. According to GameStop's spokesperson, the company ran into several issues with the program in testing it for launch. If you planned on looking into PowerPass as a holiday gift, start looking elsewhere. However, according to the wording in the statement that GameStop provided, it appears that at least some customers have been given early access to the service.

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GameStop will also be offering full refunds for those who have already purchased the PowerPass service, provided they return their pass and the video game they have checked out. In addition, we are allowing them to pick out any Pre-Owned video game for free.

Why GameStop suspended the service right after soft-launching it is unclear. The program was originally scheduled to fully launch in the coming weeks, with sign-ups to begin on November 19. Along similar lines, Nintendo is set to launch a Netflix-like service for classic retro games on its Switch platform in 2018.

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