Published: Thu, November 16, 2017
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Franken apologizes after groping allegation: 'I shouldn't have done it'

Franken apologizes after groping allegation: 'I shouldn't have done it'

Al Franken kissed and groped her without her consent while they were on a Middle East tour with the USO in 2006.

A Los Angeles radio news anchor says Democratic Sen.

In her essay, Tweeden said she meant to participate in the comedy tour, hosted by the United Service Organizations, as an emcee. At least two women have said he assaulted them then.

He repeated that actors really need to rehearse everything and that we must practice the kiss. "I shouldn't have done it", Franken said, according to the network.

"I immediately pushed him away with both of my hands against his chest and told him if he ever did that to me again I wouldn't be so nice about it the next time", she wrote. "I felt belittled. I was ashamed". During the broadcast, Speier told us her story of being sexually assaulted when she was a young Congressional aide.

"At that moment, I thought to myself, Al Franken did that exact same thing to me", Tweeden wrote.

"Senator Franken, you wrote the script".

No one saw what happened and she says she let it go, but made sure she was never alone with him again on the tour.

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Hill, too, apologized to his teammates and family. "They let a lot people down in the process". "This does not define who I am. There's no other way to put it", he said. "This incident has changed me in a way that I can not describe".

"As with all credible allegations of sexual harassment or assault, I believe the Ethics Committee should review the matter", McConnell said in a statement. She shared a photo of the incident, which showed her sleeping in a flak vest and Kevlar helmet as Franken's hands hovered over her chest.

"It wasn't until I was back in the USA and looking through the CD of photos we were given by the photographer that I saw this one..."

"But I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann", Franken wrote. "Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated. How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it's amusing?" "I had locked up those memories of helplessness and violation for a long time, but they all came rushing back to me and my hands clinched into fists like it was yesterday".

Franken apologized to Tweeden in a statement Thursday.

The Playboy article was titled "Porn-O-Rama!" and in it Franken discusses creating an Institute for Pornographic Studies where he performed sex acts with humans and robots.

Since the outing last summer of Hollywood movie moguls Harvey Weinstein and James Toback as a serial sexual abusers and assaulters of hundreds of women, America's cultural dam has burst forth with harrowing stories of women victimized and cowed into silence by men in positions of power. "As to the photo, it was clearly meant to be amusing but wasn't", he says.

Last month, Franken addressed the slew of sexual misconduct allegations that have been against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein - a representative has repeatedly denied allegations of non-consensual sex - saying in a Facebook post that the women who spoke up "are incredibly courageous".

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