Published: Thu, November 16, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Pilot arrested for loaded gun in his carry-on luggage at Lambert airport

Pilot arrested for loaded gun in his carry-on luggage at Lambert airport

The pilot did not have a hide and carry permit or any other authorization to carry a firearm, according to the airport. That flight was delayed 45 minutes by the ordeal.

The agency says they're seeing a rise in people bringing guns to airports nationwide and in St. Louis.

Officials did not say how many rounds of ammunition were in his 9 mm handgun, for which Lea said the first officer did not have a permit. The Wednesday incident was the 46th time the airport's security agents have found a weapon during a check, compared to 31 in 2016, according to the TSA. That compares to 3,391 past year.

A 51-year-old pilot was arrested Wednesday morning at St. Louis Lambert International Airport after firearms were found in their carry-on bags, our affiliate Fox 2 reports.

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Eyewitnesses told TMZ that two pilots were caught with firearms in their carry-on bags and were apprehended by two officers while going through a TSA security checkpoint.

TSA regulations require that a firearm be unloaded and put into checked luggage, and that the owner notify the airline before boarding.

The unnamed pilot was arrested on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon, and the pending charges will be handled through St. Louis County.

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