Published: Tue, November 21, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Made Reporters Tell Her What They're Thankful For

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Made Reporters Tell Her What They're Thankful For

"I'm thankful for the First Amendment", Vega said when called on, before launching immediately into a question about the official White House stance on the Roy Moore controversy.

One reporter even said they were thankful for being an Ohio State fan after another said they were a MI fan.

On Monday, Huckabee Sanders began the last White House press briefing before Thanksgiving by sharing what she was thankful for, adding that "it would be nice" if the press pool did the same before they asked their questions. "If you want to ask a question I think it's only fair since I've shared what I'm thankful start off with what you're thankful for". Several reporters proceeded to share a laundry list of things for which they, too, were thankful - like their children, the military, policemen and women, faith and religion, and spouses who finally said yes to their proposal on the fourth try.

Most reporters thanked their families and significant others. "And I'm certainly thankful for the incredible privilege of serving this president and the American people".

Another correspondent said she was "thankful for the First Amendment", triggering exclamations of agreement from the rest of the room.

Multiple White House journalists said what they were thankful for before asking questions.

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"I feel the gratefulness there", Huckabee Sanders said.

With the Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, the White House chose to add some (unnecessary) holiday spirit to its last press briefing before the break - by turning the event into something reminiscent of a pre-school playgroup.

While some reporters praised the White House press corps for some of their sarcastic responses, others said that it was embarrassing that journalists heeded her request in the first place.

Noting that Thanksgiving was coming up and this would be the last briefing before the holiday, the press secretary made a polite demand of the reporters in the room.

"Yeah, we're part of it though", American Urban Radio Networks correspondent and CNN contributor April Ryan countered. Sanders replied, "you did break the rule of not offering anything that you're thankful for", to laughter from the room.

"I'm thankful for life. So I'm very thankful for their service".

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