Published: Wed, November 22, 2017
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Jerry Jones Not Suing NFL Partners

Jerry Jones Not Suing NFL Partners

The Cowboys owner has changed his mind and will not sue the National Football League or the six-team owners on the committee that is negotiating a contract extension for Commissioner Roger Goodell. But that doesn't mean he's given up putting stumbling blocks in Goodell's way.

Tension has also been high between Jones and Falcons owner Arthur Blank recently after Jones threatened to sue.

The owners already held a majority vote on this subject back in May, when they voted to authorize the compensation committee to handle the contract extension on its own.

Kraft, of course had a long battle with Goodell over Tom Brady's deflategate suspension, much similar to the fight Jones had over Ezekiel Elliott's suspension.

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The saber rattling from Jerry Jones appears over.

According to Monday's Wall Street Journal report, the compensation committee told Jones he should drop the threat of a suit, saying his dispute with Goodell "reflects conduct unbefitting an owner and is damaging to the League".

Jones added that he wants all owners - not just the six on the compensation committee - to have a say in negotiations for the commissioner's annual pay. "It is about the accountability of the commissioner to all of the ownership". But after a back and forth with the league that included threats of a "nuclear option" that might force Jones to sell the Cowboys, Jones is now backing off his initial bluster.

"Jones is willing to sue the league, humiliate other NFL owners and create even more controversial headlines for the league because he so strongly objects to a contract that would extend Goodell through 2024".

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