Published: Thu, November 23, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Six held in Germany on suspicion of market attacks

Six held in Germany on suspicion of market attacks

After the fatal attack - and the shooting of the killer by Italian police after he was able to flee Germany - it has been revealed that German police missed multiple opportunities to arrest and deport Amri, but failed to do so.

"There is no pressing evidence of the preparation of an attack or IS membership", a spokesman for the prosecutors said.

There are, however, indications the men have had contacts with ISIS and investigations are ongoing, the office's Christian Hartwig said.

SIX alleged Daesh fighters thought to be plotting a repeat of last year's terror attack on a Christmas market have been held in raids across Germany.

The men were detained following large-scale raids in four cities involving approximately 500 officers on Tuesday morning led by the Hessian State Criminal Police and the attorney general of Frankfurt, a joint statement by the two agencies said.

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Officials have yet to comment on the target of the planned attack.

"[The six Syrians] are suspected of being members of the foreign terrorist organizations that calls itself Islamic State", the prosecutor's statement read. A statement by prosecutors said the men were "planning an attack with weapons or explosives on a public target in Germany". They also denied allegations against them.

In 2016, a dozen people died and about 50 more were injured when a tractor trailer barrelled into a crowded Christmas market here.

Earlier this month, authorities arrested a Syrian teenager suspected of planning an "Islamist-motivated" bomb attack in the country.

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