Published: Wed, November 29, 2017
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Sets marks "the biggest change" to Windows UI since Windows 95

Sets marks

Microsoft on Tuesday shared details on a new feature that'll (eventually) make its way to Windows 10.

Windows 10's interface is defined, obviously, by the eponymous "windows". The company had previously previewed the feature at its Annual BUILD conference earlier this year.

While Windows 10 has had multitasking features like Task View baked in from the very beginning, these features have been more focused on making it easier to switch between applications. "And with Timeline, it'll be even easier to go back and find the Set you were working on", Myerson explains in his email.

Also set to make an appearance in the Redstone 4 update is a feature now called "Sets" which Microsoft describes as "an easier way to organize your stuff and get back to what you were doing".

While Sets might seem like an obvious UI evolution for Windows, it's still a significant move for Microsoft.

Windows Insiders Get Long-Awaited Timeline and 'Sets' Features

The interesting thing to note here is that Windows will remember all the different programs that were open at a particular time and will remind the user about the different programs if they happen to open one of the files from any recent "Set".

"Sets" is basically another name for tabs.

The company posted details about "Sets" and other changes coming to the upcoming Windows Insider Preview in a post on the Windows Insider website. Microsoft also plans to offer granular control for the feature, allowing you to turn it off for specific apps. Sets promises to cut out numerous extra steps required by app switching by letting you group multiple apps in the same window.

So, it will need to get desktop and mobile app developers on board. The report pointed out that that company is aiming to let Android and iOS users use "Sets' and let them resume their work after they log in to their Windows-powered device". Sets will initially be limited to Store apps, though.

Fast Ring Insider testers who are not in the Skip Ahead ring already will not get today's test build. It's created to minimise the clutter of several open windows on your Windows 10 desktop, while still allowing you to keep tasks separate from each other.

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