Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Nintendo Wii And GameCube Games Coming To NVIDIA Shield In China

Nintendo Wii And GameCube Games Coming To NVIDIA Shield In China

Right now, it looks as if the partnership is a China-only deal, so it doesn't look like Shield owners in the West will be able to get in on the action.

Nintendo and NVIDIA are teaming up to bring Wii and GameCube games to the NVIDIA Shield in China. Twilight Prince's, and PUNCH-OUT!. Games like Super Mario Galaxy are listed as "coming soon" too. This was revealed in a series of videos on Twitter by user Daniel Ahmad that were apparently taken from a presentation in China.

All three of those games are remastered in 1080p and are available on the Chinese version of the SHIELD.

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Nvidia and Nintendo have partnered before now, of course - the graphics hardware maker created the processor that powers the Nintendo Switch portable hybrid game console. At the same time, this might be a first step towards seeing Wii and GameCube games on Switch. While this does mean the Shield can comfortably play Wii games, it's hard to gauge if Nintendo will bring games to Shield in the United Kingdom, or simply reserve them exclusively for Switch instead.

Nintendo and Nvidia's relationship is extending beyond the latter company providing the guts for the former's so-far successful Switch.

The fact Nintendo and Nvidia have a good enough relationship to make these ports possible should come as no surprise.

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