Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Overwatch League skins won't be in loot boxes

Overwatch League skins won't be in loot boxes

Blizzard released the announcement on Overwatch League team skins just before the eSports league's preseason, which is set to start on December 6. With the addition of unique team-colored ability particles, the Overwatch League team introduced similar home-and-away jerseys for each team.

To ensure that profits go to the teams, Overwatch will be implementing a "League Token" currency.

Overwatch League tokens are a new form of in-game currency that will be introduced early next year for a very exclusive and special goal. This special currency will be used by players to purchase Overwatch League skins that will not be available in Loot Boxes.

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According to commissioner Nate Nanzer, purchasing Overwatch League tokens for Overwatch League skins will "provide monetary support for the teams" involved. The League Tokens will be League-specific only - so sorry, Cthulhu Zenyatta fans, you can't use them for that sweet Halloween skin. The token system will be used for all OWL-related in-game items, and players who log into the game within a month of the League's launch will be given enough tokens to buy their first skin.

The video does not explain how players can earn more of the currency, or if it is simply a premium currency that is bought with real money.

The Overwatch League kicks off on January 10, and 12 teams will be participating across the Atlantic and Pacific divisions. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft co-owns the Boston Uprising, and Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke co-owns the Los Angeles Gladiators.

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