Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Biggest Starbucks Roastery shop landed in China

Biggest Starbucks Roastery shop landed in China

Called the Starbucks Roastery Shanghai, the outlet measures an astounding 30,000 sq ft - that is nearly half of a football field.

It's the first of its kind, complete with interactive technology like augmented reality - being able to scan a roaster to find out more about brewing methods. Customers can roast these beans on the premise.

The store in Shanghai is only one of the five Roasteries that were expected to open before 2020.

During the most recent quarter, same-store sales increased 8% in China, compared with 2% increase globally. Among them, 600 are located in the only metropolis of Shanghai: it is the city of the world that has the largest number of Starbucks.

As customers enter the new Roastery, they are greeted by the sight of a two-story, copper cask, adorned with more than 1,000 traditional Chinese chops (or stamps) that have been hand-engraved to narrate the story of Starbucks and coffee. "They can bring the Starbucks Roastery home with them, to continue enjoying and even share the experience with others".

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai- Nanjing Xi Lu
Futuristic Starbucks Roastery opens today in Shanghai

Trays of temptation sit everywhere, filled with Italian-style croissant called cornetti, breads studded with olives, tomatoes and fresh herbs and even a gourmet take on cinnamon rolls. A pair of massive black cast iron ovens will bake up to 80 different products daily.

Additionally, the company announced another milestone in its commitment to China: contributing meaningful and enduring social impact through poverty alleviation by creating opportunities for groups facing barriers, strengthening partner-driven and locally relevant community engagement, and improving lives of Yunnan coffee farmers and their families. The one bright spot was China, which stood out as Starbucks' fastest growing market.

Starbucks opened a similar store or a Roastery in Seattle in 2014. That's why the digital designers didn't want Roastery visitors to have to be pulled out of the spell to go stand in line to order. "We're a people company".

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai will be sure to astound locals when it opens-it's the equivalent of 40 average Manhattan apartments (and who knows how many Shanghai apartments). One of the key features of the store is the ceiling, which is made of 10,000 handmade wooden hexagon-shaped tiles, inspired by the locking of an espresso shot on an espresso machine. Created from recycled materials using a 3-D printer and length, the tea bar is a light jade color with dark shadows to represent tea stains formed in a teapot over time.

But most importantly, perhaps, it's serving hope to Chinese customers that they are the future, and they deserve the best a global brand like Starbucks has to offer. The company has already inked a deal for an enormous 43,000-square-foot Reserve Roastery in Chicago that's set to open in 2019.

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