Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
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LaVar Ball: Withdrawing suspended son to prepare for National Basketball Association

LaVar Ball: Withdrawing suspended son to prepare for National Basketball Association

While speaking at the 2017 SportsBusiness Journal Intercollegiate Athletics Forum, Emmert was asked about LaVar Ball's decision to pull his middle son LiAngelo out of UCLA this week.

Lavar Ball believes in his children the same way any other parent would. "He's out of there". "It's not like we're going through life without making mistakes".

I find it ironic, however, in the same sense that Trump is praised for his willingness to speak his mind - politically correct or not - and for his outspoken personality, Lavar Ball is criticized and has his parental skills questioned. "He wasn't punished this bad in China".

"We left thinking we'd just get away", LiAngelo Ball said. "So basically they're in jail here". "He doesn't get to be part of what I think is an incredible basketball program with great teammates and coaches that care about him", Alford said.

"LiAngelo has been, since coming back (from China), he's been tremendous", Alford said during media availability on Tuesday.

The UCLA basketball player recounted the experience that he deemed as "horrible" as Chinese authorities came to their hotel and arrested them. According to Ball, the move was made because the NCAA was being slow to rule on LiAngelo Ball's eligibility and "one of the main reasons he went to UCLA" was to play basketball.

"He's not transferring to another school".

Smith backed his comments by sharing with viewers that he spoke with several National Basketball Association scouts and in no way is Ball on, or even close, to their draft board, or anyone else's draft board for that matter.

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LiAngelo's plan to withdraw his son from school was first reported by TMZ.

LiAngelo told "Access Hollywood" in an interview aired Tuesday on the "Today" show that his UCLA suspension is "just a long time of doing nothing". "I think it was more, maybe, surprised. I'm not anxious about money". As a result of the popular following of the Ball family prior to the incident, President Donald Trump took notice as well.

Emmert has spoken out on numerous occasions over the years against the NBA's age limit, which requires players to either be 19 years old when they declare for the NBA Draft or have played at least one season of college ball. Jonathan Givony looks at LaVar Ball's decision and his son's future. Arturs Stalbergs, head coach of the Lithuanian basketball team KK Lietkabelis Panevezys, offered a job for the Balls, although it likely wasn't one LaVar had in mind.

"I haven't told any of those guys,"Lavar told ESPN".

As part of their indefinite suspensions, the players haven't been allowed to suit up, practice or travel with the Bruins.

"You shouldn't hang them on the cross for this long for that", Ball said. It's not like we turned them loose (in in Hangzhou) to go across town. LaMelo committed to attend UCLA in two years.

Alford's staff reached out to a Ball family representative Monday afternoon after seeing the reports and confirmed that Ball would be leaving school. If he is a clown, then I definitely want him out of the news cycle and if he is an over-affectionate father/aggressive businessman, I hope he can learn to do those things behind the scenes and let his sons create their own spotlight, without dragging them into the eye of the public because of their association to the CEO of the "Big Baller Brand" who can apparently beat a game of pickup.

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