Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
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Mayor Faulconer urges Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers

Mayor Faulconer urges Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers

Thousands of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA recipients and their allies rallies across the country Wednesday, pushing for legislators to help them stay in the United States.

The vigil on behalf of children known as "Dreamers" is sponsored by Puerta Abierta, an immigrant ministry run by Oakland Baptist Church in Rock Hill, said Blake Hart, who runs the Puerta Abierta ministry at the church.

Rallies are taking place across the country to protect 'dreamers, ' undocumented immigrants who came to the children.

The 2nd District congressman joined 33 other Republican House members in a joint letter seeking action on the controversial issue by year's end.

The Trump administration announced in September that it would begin phasing out DACA, the Obama-era policy that offered temporary work authorization and protection from deportation to young immigrants who have lived in the USA illegally since childhood.

HRC continues to stand with more than 800,000 of our neighbors, friends, and family members whose livelihoods are being threatened by the Trump-Pence administration's open assault on Dreamers and immigrants.

Democrats and some Republicans have called for approving a solution for those in limbo sooner rather than later, with Tuesday's letter from Republicans stating that "not acting is creating uncertainty and anxiety amongst immigrant communities".

Poliquin said that Congress has to "find a solution to address those well-meaning, law-abiding individuals now caught in DACA status" quickly as it also moves "to update our immigration policies which reduce incentives to break the law".

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"Thousands of lives are already at risk and if Congress fails to act, many more dreamers - including more than 75,000 LGBTQ dreamers - will also be forced to face the real and risky threat of deportation", said Alejandro Avilés, HRC's Director of Outreach and Engagement. That gave a six-month window to Congress to come up with a remedy, or else those protected by the program would face deportation.

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said Monday that many of these immigrants have contributed to the nation's well-being.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have both said in recent days that they don't consider it urgent legislation.

Demonstrators are calling for passage of the Dream Act of 2017, a bill that would restore protections.

"We are firm believers that our lives are enriched by all Michiganders feeling welcomed and included", she said.

"They are American in every way except their immigration status", the group wrote. "I'm heartened to see bipartisan support for these dreamers".

"Now is our time in Congress to lead with justice, mercy, and compassion for DACA recipients", said Taylor.

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