Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
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Singapore Airlines Decides to Reroute Flights as Measure against N. Korea Missiles

Singapore Airlines Decides to Reroute Flights as Measure against N. Korea Missiles

The decision was reportedly made after the North fired a missile into the East Sea on July 28th.

Last Wednesday, a series of ballistic missiles that the North Korea regime claimed to be able to reach the United States mainland were launched in defiance of stern warnings and global sanctions.

According to CNN, using longer exposures meant the movement would be captured as a blur. Stars wouldn't show up that clearly in an image, even in North Korea, where there's very low light pollution.

Two of the images that were shot from the same viewpoint seemed to show two different constellations in the background of the missile, Langbroek said on Twitter: "Two images from clearly same viewpoint, but dramatically different star backgrounds!"

One shot of the Hwasong-15 erected before launch shows the stars in the background, but also shows blurry individuals in the bottom-right corner, a sign that a long exposure was used to capture the night sky.

The test-launch raised tension further with South Korea and the USA, who on Monday began their largest ever joint air exercise, which the North has branded an "all-out provocation".

Pair of super-Earths found orbiting star K2-18
Alien life! The remote exoplanet is outside our solar system, of course, its similarities to Earth are nevertheless impressive. Researchers at the Centre for Planetary Sciences have found that K2-18b could very well be a scaled-up version of Earth.

The same missile had also prompted Air France to expand its no-fly zone around North Korea, after the airline found out the projectile may have been as close as 100km (62 miles) to one of its planes .

But the enhancements could also throw off those who study North Korea's missile program.

Countries are required to give warnings about their upcoming missile tests as per global agreements.

North Korea has long objected against joint drills by the two allies, with Pyongyang's ambassador to the United Nations ruling out negotiations with Washington in November, citing America's "hostile policy" against his country and continuing joint exercises.

Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear weapons expert at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, said on his latest podcast his team will use forensic software to lighten the nighttime images for clues.

McDowell told CNN he believed the images were only edited for aesthetic purposes because the missile in the picture did not appear to have been altered.

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