Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

NVIDIA releases the Titan V graphics card focused on AI processing

NVIDIA releases the Titan V graphics card focused on AI processing

The Titan V is a standard PCIe card, with a GPU codenamed GV100, manufactured on a new 12nm process.

The Titan V is the first consumer-grade GPU that is based on Nvidia's new Volta architecture.

Users of TITAN V can gain immediate access to the latest GPU-optimized AI, deep learning and HPC software by signing up at no charge for a Nvidia GPU Cloud account. The new Titan V card will provide customers with a Nvidia Volta chip that they can plug into a desktop computer.

Inside, the new TITAN V features 640 Tensor Cores that are turned for deep learning performance. GPUs are good at executing the types of calculations needed to train a machine learning system, and Nvidia's Volta architecture is created to provide further performance boosts at those tasks.

Speaking about Nvidia's goals with the Volta architecture, CEO Jensen Huang said: "Our vision for Volta was to push the outer limits of high performance computing and AI". But the Titan V is way more than just a gaming GPU. Given the drastic rise in processing power, it's clear that Nvidia has also managed to improve power efficiency thanks to the new manufacturing process as well as its architecture.

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Well, it's possible. I already mentioned that I did not see an SLI connectors on the card, and made a comment about NVLINK, indeed the card has NVLINK Bridge connectors, which is a fundamental change, but also price.

He further added, "What NVIDIA is all about is building tools that advance computing, so we can do things that would otherwise be impossible".

Nvidia has launched the most powerful graphics processor unit (GPU) it has ever built, aimed at accelerating artificial intelligence applications and machine learning algorithms.

Nvidia notes that Titan V sports a major overhaul of the streaming multiprocessor at the heart of the card, and it's twice as energy-efficient as its Pascal predecessor. However, the TITAN is clearly a workstation card this time around, with the main focus being on pushing forward AI development and machine learning. Instead, the TITAN V is priced at $2,999 and is available right now from the NVIDIA store.

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