Published: Wed, December 13, 2017
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Orioles shopping Manny Machado; Phillies 'reluctant' to move prospects

Orioles shopping Manny Machado; Phillies 'reluctant' to move prospects

An era in Baltimore may be coming to an end. After another solid season for the Orioles, Machado's career is at a crossroads.

Any team willing to gamble on Machado this season would have to understand he's basically a rental.

But you wonder how many teams would feel confident enough that they could re-sign Machado to a long-term deal to surrender a ton for a player that could leave for another team next year (the White Sox, Phillies and Cardinals have been connected with Machado). A homegrown talent, Machado was drafted with the third overall pick by the Orioles in the 2010 MLB Draft, and he quickly made it to Baltimore by 2012. Get what you can now, or watch him walk as a FA.

Stanton's new team, the New York Yankees, have expressed interest in acquiring the 25-year-old, according to ESPN's Buster Olney. Unless it was all but guaranteed that he would re-sign with the Yankees once he becomes an unrestricted free agent, Cashman and Co. would obviously be extremely wary of sending away any sort of significant talent for something that could be a one-year rental. They've had a winning campaign in four of the past six seasons.

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The Orioles would like to acquire two controllable starting pitchers in a deal for Machado. He has said that retaining Machado beyond 2018 is something the organization is strongly considering, but Baltimore has not been known for handing out massive contracts, which Machado would most certainly demand. If the Phillies feel that Machado is still likely to reach free-agency, it's hard to imagine them parting with Kingery, who one scout compared to Dustin Pedroia. Boston Red Sox fans can take solace in this, though: Rosenthal cited sources saying Orioles owner Peter Angelos doesn't want to trade with the Yankees, which would seem to rule out the Bronx Bombers ... for now, at least. An overhaul of the team would make the near future quite bleak, but multiple seasons of disappointment and failed contract extensions would also not be fun.

There's very little chance the Orioles are going to willingly give away their star player to the Yankees, one of their division rivals in the AL East. Baltimore generally hates doing business with NY, to begin with, so the chances they would entertain most offers for Machado from them are pretty slim.

But now, it turns out those calls are more than just exploratory ventures and Baltimore is shopping Machado more aggressively than was originally assumed.

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