Published: Thu, December 14, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Floyd Mayweather hints at multi-fight, billion-dollar offer from the UFC

Floyd Mayweather hints at multi-fight, billion-dollar offer from the UFC

Plenty of fighters - including Britain's Amir Khan - have been quick to call him out, while many consider an eventual second bout with McGregor as inevitable due to the eye-watering financial rewards on offer. "I can come right back".

Odd as it seems to say, but a fight between a retired boxer and a rookie boxer (that was all really weird, wasn't it?) was NOT the most talked-about sporting event this year, at least not according to Google.

In some hypothetical scenario where Floyd Mayweather was in his prime and could have four mega-PPVs against fellow boxing legends, he might be able to approach that type of money - but it seems highly unlikely that he'd ever enter the octagon, or that UFC would pay him that type of money.

Mayweather hung up his gloves for good in August after making a return to the ring for a special, one-off fight with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor under boxing rules.

Since then Mayweather has remained retired but took to social media to hint a return.

Conor Mc Gregor Net Worth
GETTYConor Mc Gregor made a cool £23m for his fight with Floyd Mayweather

During the live video, Mayweather mentions that he would consider fighting in the UFC Octagon for the right sum of money. "Remember I'm Floyd "Money" Mayweather and you motherf***** love me, and I love you motherf*****".

And Mayweather-McGregor isn't number one, it's not even number two! "I kick ass. I'm so tough at what I do, they had to go to a whole other barbarian sport to go get a m**********r to try to f**k with me".

"You already know I'm a money-getting m**********r", he responded to comments from fans in an expletive-laden Instagram stream relayed by

Mayweather recently embarked on a world travel tour. "All that stuff, talking about how Mayweather is going to lose his money, I made smart investments". You heard me. Ain't nobody done it better than me.

"I done it in the best style, I done it flashy, done it flamboyant, I done it my way, I kept 100 percent of the revenue and I'm my own -- boss".

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