Published: Mon, January 08, 2018
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Saints defender follows through on Cam Newton trash talk by

Saints defender follows through on Cam Newton trash talk by

In the fourth quarter of the Panthers' wild-card game in New Orleans on Sunday, Cam Newton was drilled by defensive tackle David Onyemata, a sudden shot to the head that blindsided Newton, who was trying to escape other onrushers.

After the tackle, Newton was slow to get back onto his feet.

The changes came in conjunction with a decision not to punish the Houston Texans for their handling of a concussion suffered by quarterback Tom Savage.

The Seattle Seahawks were fined $100,000 for violating the concussion protocols in an evaluation of quarterback Russell Wilson.

"The controversy arises from the National Football League recently announcing it would 'require a locker room concussion evaluation for all players demonstrating gross or sustained vertical instability (e.g., stumbling or falling to the ground when trying to stand)".

Jordan, always quick with a joke, especially after a win, has taken pokes at Newton's sense of style, and the Panthers quarterback responded in kind in November by saying he'd send Jordan some "sauce".

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Anderson entered the game for one play, a third-down incompletion, and Newton returned on the next drive.

Newton was evaluated for a concussion in the medical tent, and was cleared to return. The issue, then, could be whether Newton fell on his way to the sideline or took a knee on orders from a member of the medical staff.

Newton dropped to the floor as he left the pitch for treatment, and the league wants assurances that concussion protocols were followed correctly.

The organisation stipulates that any player suspected of having concussion must be evaluated in the dressing room. Newton later said he did NOT feel like he had a concussion, but suffered an eye injury from his helmet slipping down. A bottle of Jordan wine was in Jordan's locker after the game, a prop for his post-game set.

"It wasn't my head, it was my eye. Not that he wears high heels - I don't think so yet, right?"

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