Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Fire breaks out at Trump Tower in New York's Manhattan, two injured

Fire breaks out at Trump Tower in New York's Manhattan, two injured

The department said it was called around 7am Monday to a report of a fire on the top floor.

Two people were injured on Monday when a fire broke out at Trump Tower in NY district's Manhattan area early on Monday.

Trump, who has lived in a penthouse apartment for 30 years before, was in Washington at the time of the blaze.

One person sustained a serious, possibly life-threatening injury while another had a minor injury, the Fire Department said.

An unnamed fire official said the blaze started in the cooling vents with no danger inside the building.

More than 80 firefighters rushed to Trump Tower this morning to extinguish a fire on the roof which left two people injured.

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Trump Tower, one of a number of buildings prominently emblazoned with the president's name, has been a symbol of Trump's presidency and site of protests since his election.

Footage from news programs gave vision of firefighters operating on the roof of the mid-Manhattan skyscraper. "Chief Roger Sakowich on the scene of the fire in Trump Tower earlier this morning", the FDNY tweeted.

Sakowich said the fire remains under investigation.

The cause of the fire is now under investigation by the city's fire marshal according to a FDNY spokesperson.

About 26 emergency units responded to the blaze with sirens sounding.

"There was a small electrical fire in a cooling tower on the roof of Trump Tower", the president's son Eric wrote on Twitter. He went on to give a robust thankyou to the FDNY claiming that they were heroes and deserved everyone's "sincere thanks and praise".

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