Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
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NAACP calls for anti-Trump protest at College Football Championship

NAACP calls for anti-Trump protest at College Football Championship

It's one of several anti-Trump protests planned as Trump visits Atlanta on Monday night to attend the showdown between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama.

Atlanta police set up designated areas for demonstrations and had previously said they wouldn't interfere unless protesters break the law. Once in position, protest leaders unfurled a large anti-Trump/Pence banner and led chants through megaphones.

Trump said on September 23 that NFL players should be fired if they do not stand for the national anthem.

"Every measure the previous administration put in place to protect the well-being of people and the planet has been under attack by the Trump administration", said Richard Rose, president of the Atlanta branch of the NAACP.

The game, won by Alabama in overtime, featured a number of future NFL players - a group of people that Trump has clashed with over kneeling protests during the national anthem.

Before travelling to Atlanta from Tennessee on Monday afternoon, Trump tweeted, "We want our flag respected -and we want our NATIONAL ANTHEM respected also".

Inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Trump had found his safest possible space ― an event at which he knew that he, and only he, would have the platform to use the national anthem as a political prop.

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The reception in Atlanta was not so warm.

A few police officers looked on at the small, peaceful protest as a leader with a bullhorn led chants in the direction of fans streaming past them before game time to Mercedez-Benz Stadium, about three blocks away.

Players noticed his appearance too, with somebody screaming "F- Trump' in the Alabama tunnel as the Crimson Tide walked to take the field for opening kickoff".

He stood midfield for the national anthem before leaving to watch Georgia and Alabama compete for the title from a stadium suite.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson says the halftime song at the College Football Championship game should be "We Shall Overcome". Lewis chose not to attend the football game on Monday, opting instead to remain in Washington. The group plans to "take a knee" there at 6:30 p.m.

"Anywhere he goes, there needs to be an unwelcoming party for him", said Jack Turner, an anti-fascism.

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